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Education, life-learning and victim support

Welcome to Saint Street Comprehensive, a Personal Development Solutions Enablement Centre. We are unable to offer tours of our facilities to prospective parents for security reasons. However, feel free to download a Free Copy of the popular School Magazine, packed with stories and information about our establishment, with names changed to protect staff and students from terrorists and other dodgy types.

New issue - download your free copy now.

(The summer school magazine can still be found here, or you can read it online here.)

Please note that Saint Street Comprehensive is an Equal Opportunities Terrorist Target, and will not accuse any parent of terrorism on the grounds of race, religion, gender, sexuality or any other attribute which the law obliges us to treat with respect.

(Image changed to protect the school's identity)

Finally, if you are student copying this page as part of a project on the school, please remember not to include this paragraph.

Click here to download the Saint Street book, Lardy Lou's by Cedric Botfrob.

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Saint Street is grateful to The Short Humour Site for hosting some of Mr Botfrob's sketches about school life.