Lardy Lou GUARANTEES his burgers are made from meat of non-human origin.*

Everyone knows the importance of fatty acids in a healthy diet. Thatís why we not only deep-fry our burgers (guaranteed of animal origin*), buns and salad, we even fry the oil they were fried in. Then we fry some acids to make it healthy.

And if youíre worried about your health, why not take out Lardy Louís Health Insurance? Just look at the benefits:
Full cover against death or ill health from eating our animal* burgers.
Peace of mind. Never worry about your impending premature death through bad diet again, leaving you with more time to eat burgers.
No claims bonus. Please note there is no Claims Bonus on this policy.

Lardy Lou
"Bring the little ones unto me"

"They'll not be so little
once I've finished with them"

*The LL guarantee includes Homo Sapiens Sapiens, Homo Sapiens, Cro-Magnon Man, Americans, Neanderthal Man, Homo Erectus and Homo Habilis. Piltdown Man is known to be a hoax and is therefore not included in this guarantee.

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